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Join Pastor Brett Hogland each week as he brings fresh and relevant insights from God's Word with a Christ-centered message that will touch your heart and refresh your soul. If you live outside of our local area, or are unable to attend, you can still be uplifted by our weekly messages. Our sermons are available in MP3 format. Just select a sermon below to download it. You may need to Right-Click (Control-Click on a Mac) the sermon you want to download and select "Save File As..." in order to download it to your computer. Otherwise, it may start playing in your browser, depending upon your computer's settings. If you'd like to automatically get our messages each week, check out Podcast and subscribe in iTunes!

Available Sermons

Comeback From Crying Come Thirsty The Law of Blessing Why? Choice or Chance God is my Rock The Wonder of it All Did You Know? Live Full Team Jesus Proclaim More Than Pictures Where Are You? The Flame in God's Name Live Free Live Forever Believe Series 01: The Shame Game Believe Series 02: I Am Believe Series 03: God Can Believe Series 04: I'll Take Faith Believe Series 05: Out of Harm, In Faithful Arms Believe Series 06: Imitators of God Believe Series 07: Don't Sit Down, Stand Up! Believe Series 08: Faith Works Believe Series 09: Out of Order Believe Series 10: My Story is His Glory Believe Series 11: There Is More Believe Series 12: Life and Death Believe Series 13: Figuring Out Faith Believe Series 14: What Do You Want? Believe Series 15: When God Says No Believe Series 16: A Made Up Mind Believe Series 17: Abba, Father Believe Series 18: Glory Revealed Believe Series 19: God At Work Marvel-Us Heroes Focus Focus on Foundation Focus on Finishing Focus on Favor Before the More Staring at Stones He's Got the Rest The Great Awakening You Snooze You Lose Awaken the Crowd Jesus Is Alive He Lifted Me Out Might For the Fight Written in Stone Written in Stone - Part 2 Written in Stone - Part 3 Written in Stone - Part 4 Written in Stone - Part 5 Written in Stone - Part 7 Written in Stone - Part 8 Written in Stone - Part 9 Written in Stone - Part 10 Run to the River Reverse the Running Special Guest: Rev. Toby Morgan Keep the Sheep A Church on Fire Museum or Movement The Time is Now Friend of God Balance Special Guest: Wade Franks Visions of Victory Pieces Without, Peace Within Special Guest: Gary Taylor I'll Be Home For Christmas Great Expectations Believe A Solemn Assembly I Want to See More Get Real Prayers of Faith Steps of Faith Beyond my Reach Homesick Resisting Resistance What Makes Your Faith Run? Mic Drop Faith Help With Heaviness Easter - Comeback Comeback from Crying Comeback to Christ Comeback with Conquering Mother's Day 2017 We Shall Be Changed Spiritual Memorials Life Through the Spirit: Nowhere to Hide Life Through the Spirit - Part 2 The Father's Promise Divine Direction Spirit Speech Freedom in the Flow The Fireworks Fan the Flame No Cheap Seats Don't Live Without Life Defining Moments Eclipsed is not Extinguished God Esteem Lift Me Up Stressed Out It's All Good The Good Shepherd Experience Christmas - Part 1 Experience Christmas - Part 2 The Inn Keeper Power of Priority - Part 1 Power of Priority - Part 2 Power of Priority - Part 3 Lessons from Vietnam Strength in Scars From Might to Might That's A Stretch Bitten But Blessed The Mirror of God's Word Church Keys Power of Passion That I May Know Him I Want To Please God Unstoppable The Test in Your Testimony Be Effective Clap Your Hands Give Me A Break God Bless You Fear, Following & Fishers of Men Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 01 Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 02 Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 03 Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 04 Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 05 Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 06 Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 07 Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 08 Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 09 Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 10 Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 11 Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 13 Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 14 Mark(ed) by the Master - Part 15 Beyond the Pain Faint Not Team Day - In Need of Champions After the Meal Here is God Into Christmas Christmas Celebration: NOEL Christmas By Night What Are You Talking About? Faith Revolution Faith Revolution - Part 02 Discipleship Revolution Reaching Revolution: Getting Over the Gaps Giving Revolution Giving Revolution 2 - Let the Seed Lead Servant Revolution - Don't be Scared of Service Love Revolution Revolution: Runner's Refuge Revolution: Are You Ready? Revolution: Are You Ready? (Part 2) In the Palm of Your Hand Not Afraid of the Dark Easter: SHINE Supernatural - Part 1 Supernatural - Part 2 Supernatural - Part 3 Supernatural - Part 4 Supernatural - Part 5 Supernatural - Part 6 Supernatural - Part 7 Supernatural - Part 8 Supernatural - Part 9 Supernatural - Part 10 Supernatural - Part 11 Supernatural - Part 12 Supernatural - Part 13 Don't Fall Away Homecoming 'All In Favor' Take A Walk Time to Walk Walk Out Walk This Way Illustrated: Blind No More Goal Line Stand All I Want For Christmas BEHOLD Beholding More Beholding the Beginning Behold the Blessing Standing in the Storm God is Bigger Filled Filled with Fullness Filled with Sacrifice Filled Again Jesus Knows Hope in the Hand Let God Arise Let God Arise - Part 2 We Need Another Pentecost We Need Another Pentecost: Don't Lose Your Edge We Need Another Pentecost: THe Shouts of Pentecost We Need Another Pentecost: Get After It We Need Another Pentecost: Raise the Standard, Release the Spirit We Need Another Pentecost: Proclaiming Power We Need Another Pentecost: Not If, But When Worship While You're Waiting Settle Down Forward in Faith Forward in Faith: The Gear of Grace Caught in the Storm I Have Decided Faith Lift Faith Lift 2: Meant to be Spent The Power of Routine Shipwrecked or Strong The Case For Christ That's Enough Polish With Power Go Further Go Ahead and Bloom In All Things Does God Come and God? The Weapons of our Warfare Rev. Randy Wooden Pastor Randy Wooden It Shall Be Do It Now Thy Kingdom Come - Part 01 Thy Kingdom Come - Part 02 Thy Kingdom Come - Part 03 Thy Kingdom Come - Part 04 Thy Kingdom Come - Part 05 Thy Kingdom Come - Part 06 Veils and Vows In the House Special Guest: Pastor Daniel Doty Powerhouse Can't Be Cancelled Forecast of Faith The Call to Remember Easter 2021: Conquered Conquered by Love Conquered Forever Worshipping and Winning God is on the Move - Part 01 God is on the Move - Part 02 God is on the Move - Part 03 God is on the Move - Part 04 Learn to Return But God Expansion of Freedom Expansion of Freedom - Part 02 Expansion of Freedom - Part 03 Expansion of Freedom - Part 04 Through the Door Stay in Your Seat - Part 01 Stay in Your Seat - Part 02 Game Changers - Part 01 Game Changers - Part 02 Game Changers - Part 03 Christmas Conversations - Part 01 Christmas Conversations - Part 02 The Star Gazer The Greatest Gift Distractions Increase - Part 01 Increase - Part 02 Increase - Part 03 Increase - Part 04 Stewardship - Part 01 Stewardship - Part 02 Stewardship - Part 03 Stewardship - Part 04 Beyond Imagination Rain Makers Text Message Clothed in Christ Clothed in Christ - Part 2 Clothed in Christ - Part 3 Unstoppable (Easter) Rid of the Lid Questions We Ask - Part 1 Questions We Ask - Part 2 Questions We Ask - Part 3 Questions We Ask - Part 4 Guest Speaker: Aaron Tibbetts Guest Speaker: Gary Taylor Questions From God - Part 1 Questions From God - Part 2 Questions From God - Part 3 Free Indeed Crazy People - Part 1 Crazy People - Part 2 Crazy People - Part 3 Crazy People - Part 4 Guest Speaker: Freddie Edwards Frequency - Part 1 Frequency - Part 2 Frequency - Part 3 Frequency - Part 4 Frequency - Part 5 Frequency - Part 6 Frequency - Part 7 Not Yet... BUT Frequency - Part 8 Frequency - Part 9 Frequency - Part 10 Frequency - Part 11 The Winning Team I Don't Get It... But I've Got It! He Touched Me Don't Lose Your Breath He Shall Be Called - Part 01 He Shall Be Called - Part 02 He Shall Be Called - Part 03 The Three Trees A New Normal - Part 01 A New Normal - Part 02 A New Normal - Part 03 God in the House - Guest Speaker: Brian Gilpin Resilience - Guest Speaker: Jason Lee Envision the Harvest - Guest Speaker: Paul McDonald Re-Vision - Guest Speaker: Zach Stanford Pictures of Revival Windows of Revival - Part 01 Windows of Revival - Part 02 Windows of Revival - Part 03 Windows of Revival - Part 04 Windows of Revival - Part 05 Fine Print Freedom Triumph in Trouble Easter - Made New Know Greater Love - Part 01 Know Greater Love - Part 02 Know Greater Love - Part 03 Know Greater Love - Part 04 Know Greater Love - Part 05 The Tunnel of Transition The Upper Room (Pentecost Sunday) Summer in the Psalms - Part 01 | Summer Daze Summer in the Psalms - Part 02 | Summer Breezes Summer in the Psalms - Part 03 | Lifeguard on Duty Summer in the Psalms - Part 06 | The Good Life Summer in the Psalms - Part 07 | Christmas in July Summer in the Psalms - Part 08 | Outside in the Sprinkler Summer in the Psalms - Part 09 | Make Some Memories Last Days Living | Guest Speaker: Pastor Toby Morgan Summer in the Psalms - Part 10 | Back to School Summer in the Psalms - Part 11 | Leave the Gate Open Summer in the Psalms - Part 12 | Hide and Seek Running for the Gates Faith, People, Purpose | Youth Pastor Daniel Doty Don't Build in Vain On the Way Fixing Our Focus - Part 01 Fixing Our Focus - Part 02 Fixing Our Focus - Part 03 Fixing Our Focus - Part 04 Fixing Our Focus - Part 05    A Sovereign Edition website by Donnie Fischer.